Climatic heat-cold-moisture-light test chamber

Project title

Workstation for measuring the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems (air conditioning units).

Project execution time

Project start: 11/11/2014, Project completion date: 22/02/2016


Belarusian State Institute for Standardization and Certification


Climatic chamber КК-750-C2-СBТ is intended to carry out climatic tests and other laboratory researches in scientific, educational institutions and industrial enterprises.
Climatic chamber is designed for operation in the closed heated rooms in compliance with the following conditions:

  • Air temperature from +15 to +30 °С;
  • Relative humidity from 30 to 80%;
  • Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106 kPa;
  • Minimal distance from room walls to the chamber is 30 cm;
  • Power supply must meet the following requirements of State Standard (GOST) 32144-2013  parameters: 230 V ±10%, single phase, 50±0.5 Hz.

Average lifetime of climatic chamber is not less than 5 years.
Climatic chamber represents testing equipment that incorporates measuring equipment. As a result, this equipment is subject to primary and periodical checking and calibration. An interval between metrological checks or calibrations should be 12 months.


The chamber consists of the following modules: test chamber, refrigerator set, electronic control cabinet, humidity control unit. The test sample shall be placed into the test chamber in which adjustable temperature and humidity conditions are generated with prescribed accuracy.
The test chamber is mounted on a framework that provides specified rigidity of construction. The framework is made of shaped tube. In order to reduce heat exchange with environment a layer of thermal insulation is fixed on all walls of the test chamber.
Inner walls of the test chamber are made of steel, covered with special coating. Excess to the test chamber is  provided through the door. Tightness of the closed door is achieved by using door magnetic seal and handle.
The chamber can be equipped with an opening (gateway) for electric cables wiring inside the chamber and connection to the test objects.
In the upper part of the working chamber there is a compartment (equalization chamber) where heating element, vaporizer of refrigerator set and vaporizer of dehumidifier, stirring fan and sensor of alarm temperature relay are installed. Equalization chamber is separated from operating space by detachable panel.
The stirring fan is located at the bottom of the chamber; the fan wheel rotates on the support bearing placed in the rubber coupling. From the other side the wheel is fixed to the electric motor shaft by a textolite pulley. The motor is of asynchronous type with rotating stator.
Temperature sensor and humidity sensor are fixed on the side wall of the chamber. The chamber is equipped with removable shelves. At the request of the customer, additional guides and shelves can be manufactured.
Lamp panels are installed on the left and right side of the chamber, each holding 10 lamps. Lamp type used: fluorescent 36 W, socket G13, manufacturer Osram.
Optionally, the camera can be equipped with attachment points for additional equipment: ultraviolet and infrared light sources, vibration stand etc.
The control cabinet provides automatic temperature control in the working chamber, automatic operation control of climatic chamber, automatic protection against accidents. It allows to set and control operating temperature and relative humidity and control auxiliary devices as well.
The main part of control unit is placed inside the electronic control cabinet. Only temperature sensors (in the working chamber of heat exchanger) and pressure sensors of refrigerator set are placed outside the electronic control cabinet.


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